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Sunday, April 21, 2002
So what the fuck am i doing at teh internet cafe at 4:30 in the am? why arent i out partying. to be honest, i´m not sure. i went out last night to a... shit , trying to remember. oh yeah, i went to an independent film here. its the buenos aires film festival for the next ten days or so, and so my friend vasiliki picks this movie, "late un corazon". well, it was fucking awful. i´d tell you all why it was so bad, but that would be wasting even more time on it. yeah, there was a q and a with the director afterwards, i wanted to ask ¿por qué era una caigada esta pelicula? but figured that wouldnt be too nice to do. i hope the press that was there give it shitty reviews. so then we went and drank at some assorted kiosks and drank on people´s front stoops. which i love, even though i feel pretty ghetto-fabulous when i do it. then we went to requiem. which, i know, i swore i´d leave alone from now on. but it was where eveyone else was going, and i´m a sheep. but i had a nice time. i mean, i got to hear take on me. which i LOVE. and got to see this kid down here, jeff, dance with some nasty girl, and make out with at least two others. crazy. those goths really love getting it on. (jp, i know you´re jealous). so i got some cd´s in the mail today. mmm. very nice. mars volta, my morning jacket/songs:ohia split, and the Push Kings first album. very good stuff. and the tennenbaum´s soundtrack is on its way as well.

tonite, was feeling a bit subdued. well, ed, that bastard, changed my clock, so when i woke up this afternoon at 3, i thought it was 5, which just fucked me up big time. anyway, went to a mexican restaurant here, and had the best meal of my life. two negro modelos, some quesodilla with chorizo stuff and a chile relleno. mmm. i could´ve died a happy man right then. then went out to coffee, and saw the count of montecristo. which was very mediocre. yes, with dozens of indie films in town (including a four hour scorcese pic that i almost did see) i go see montecristo. fuck you. i had enough of that hand camera no plot boo-shit from the one last night. hope you´re all having fun. chau

Thursday, April 18, 2002
so yeah, its threeee in the morning, and i have class tmrw. but oh well...The blog-reading public comes first. (all three of you, and you know who you are. Thanks) so i saw "brother" tonite, it was good. then ed was going to do a review for "the shamrock", a bar owned by some ex-paddys, for the herald, so we went there. well, it was a private party, and somehow me and jay got in, but it was like full of designers and artists and all sorts of "fashion" bs as people. but it was fun. i mean, ed was lying and saying he was like this big hotshot journalist who was 23, and i was gonna say some boo-shit about being a web designer or something, but really, it just wasnt my scene. i mean, i´ve got a couple piercings and all, but without a wierd haircut or some funky hat, i wasnt really fitting in. nonetheless, i did get a free caipariña (the best fucking drink in the world). shit, i was trying to order a mohito, but i couldn´t remember the fucking name. now it comes to me. shit. oh well, that´s about all the new there is. todo bien. todo bien. chau, un beso

Monday, April 15, 2002
Hmm, well, the birthday is over. la pasé muy bien. yeah, so we went and met at this bar nearby my house. played some pool ( lost, even though i think i was being let to win) . and i was bought many a drink. yeah, so you know how that goes. then at 3:30 or so we went to a club called "the big one". it was fun, and it was actually pretty damn big. i mean, they werent lying. well, proceeded to get shitty drunk, and dance. it was fun. and oh the stories....

no, it was fun. and today i spoke to my whole family, also very nice.

and my mom here made me fajitas and the whole family came over. and fajitas , and all mexican food, does not exist here, to make it even more special. i´m actu ally so full,l that just talking about food is making me sick. apple pie for desert.

Gotta get going. got class at 1 in the afternoon tmrw, but got lots to do.


Friday, April 12, 2002
damn, man, i´ve been lazy on the blogging lately. yeah, my english sucks now, i keep using spanish structures... i have 20 years. i lost myself. etc. well, its good to know that i can now speak 0 languages.

no, the spanish is coming along alright.

i saw "italian for beginners" yesterday. fucking see it. its part of the dogma 95 group. oh man, its good.

yes, as you may or may not know, my birthday is on sunday. this saturday´s gonna be the Par-tay. wish you all could come.

classes are pretty much finalized.
i´m taking:
1. castellano (aka spanish) with the subtitle: buenos aires in literature
2. viajes: a seminar in letras. its cool. all about zones of contact and the literature that is produced by these.
3. literatura argentina 2: twentyth century stuff. all the people i cant leave argentina without reading. and about the prof... see below
4. either a) cine documental or b) nuevo cine latinoamericana. looks like b) will win

so the prof. his name is j.j. delaney. oh yeah, very argentine, eh? no, he´s about as dry humored and irish as they get. but in spanish. its so surreal.

speaking of the brits... got a new housemate, ed. ed is 18 and from london (the best city in the world, according to ed (oh, and wonder what the best song of the 90s is according to ed.... wonderwall... lord have mercy)) no, he and i get along very well. he´s cool. he´s working for the buenos aires herald, buenos aires´s english language paper. it actually was very prestigious during the processo (the dictatorship during the late 70s, early 80s) because it reported the names of all the people who had disappeared (the government kidnapped thousands of left wing people, mostly young adults, tortured them and killed them) because the military guys were too stupid and didnt bother censoring it. so every week, the editorial would come out in spanish and english telling about what all the government had done.

and my old housemate, matt, is leaving. :( the kid is psycho. but i only just found that out, so i´m sad he´s leaving. i mean, he´s got these kick ass card tricks. he also is a truco master. and he and his friends all got brass belt buckles with SMC on them, for their fictitious band: suicidal mu-mu crew. yeah, very wierd. no, so i partied with him last ngiht. all these pepperdine people were dancing on the tables in this bar and shit. lots of cool people, but lots of very obviously california people. but i had class today at 8, so i couldnt stay out too late. and in fact, the bed is calling my name as i type.

but stephen malkmus (of former pavement fame)is coming here to bs. as. in two weeks, so be fucking psyched for me. you know what they say...if you cant bring nik to the nerd rock, bring the nerd rock to nik. and lots of good cds coming out soon too, but i cant get them here. grr.

oh yeah, so it looks like venezuela´s fucked up right now. yep, a golpe militar.

speaking of... in my documental class, we watched a doc on allende and september 11 1973, when pinochet led a golpe militar. fucked up stuff. i didnt know our govenment had so much to do with what went on. no wonder there was a huge poster up in the UBA saying yanquis go home yesterday. yep, they were going to march on the embassy. let me tell you. people in the world dont like us americans, and sometimes i cnat blame them. especially when there´s a fucking hooters in this country. but i have yet to get accosted for being a yanqui. lets hope it stays that way.

but i did meet a guy from cuba. he was fucking cool. the people here LOVE cuba. i mean, they idolize it. and i know its got some good points, but just look at the state of human rights (especially those of gays), not too great. but good healthcare, that´s why maradonna is over there getting some rehab action for free.

i need some rehab from this week. time for a siesta.


Sunday, March 31, 2002
happy easter to all. lets hope that the easter bunny doesnt go man-eating on you.

well, i´m still pretty dissatisfied with the organization in this country. allow me to elaborate

So on monday i had my early ass foto journalism class. it starts at 7:45 and takes a good 30 minutes to get there on bus. but that´s just fine. I would be in the 10:15 section, but i wanted to try out this seminar at the UBA on viajes (travels) that´sall about literature of travelling etc. sounded good. and it starts at 1, which is when the 1015 class ends. hence the dillema.
so at one, i find my way over to puan, where uba filosofia y letras is, aka B.F.E. its SO far away. it takes me one hour on bus to get there. well, after going through the usual hell on earth to find the room nos. etc, i get to the class. and wait. and wait. and wait. more argentine´s show up at their usual 30 minutes late. and wait. the teacher didn´t show. just didnt come. we waited an hour then left.

ok, so it happened once and all. that´s nothing to be too mad about, ¿right?

right. except that it happened 3 more times on wednesday. thank god that we got thursday and friday off for easter.

today is gonna be a good one i think. we have no school tmrw for the malvines (falkland) islands holiday, and its my brother-in-law here´s birthday so the whole family will be over to eat. which is always fun.

oh yeah, i also had an interesting time this friday. i went to an eighties club: requiem. they play lots of the Cure and the Smiths and other stuff like that. plus lots of Soda Stereo (the argentine answer to duran duran). it was fun. but i was not wearing enough black for the place. it was full of goths (here they´re called darks). there was this one room that was just filled with couches full of goths making out. it was the stuff of nightmares, let me tell you. just picture their pale lanky babies, makes me shudder. but the music was good, and i danced till 5 in the morning. so i cant complain. hey, goths are people too!

well, say a little prayer that i actually get to attend some classes this week.

oh, and i´m starting to miss physics (its fucking scary). i mean, just to entertain myself while waiting for the profs to show up, i started doing derivatives and calculus because its been too long since i´ve done it.

will someone look into a 12 step for physics addiction for me?

chau, happy easter!

Tuesday, March 19, 2002
Man, something has got to be done about organization in this country.

So i had a class today at 11. it was supposed to be seminario sobre estructura social de argentina. i could not find the classroom, since i was never given a room number. so i went to some window and waited in line. well, i couldnt find out the room for the class i wanted, but...and this is fucked up... i found that the class i missed last night was going on right then. so i went to that. and it sucked. yeah, it was comparing the governments of england, the us, italy, france, and russia. well, shit. i didnt come to buenos aires to take some boring stuff like that.

so as for this elusive seminario class. i think it meets thursdays, but i have tons of other more exciting sounding classes on thursdays. it stinks. i´m going to go to Usal today, and just ask what classes are going on when i´m there, and attend those. i really want to get a stupid social science class out of the way while i´m here. and this would be the perfect opportunity: if it wasn´t so damned hard to find my way around!.

i swear, i about needed a xanex or three after this whole ordeal.

Monday, March 18, 2002
luckily this weekend was mucho mas tranquilo. I´m listening to some Tango music right now. oh boy. My english is getting shittier by the day. I went to my first classes today.
Well, actually, I went to two classes, and slept through another... I am such an ass.
I went to a photography for journalists class and a photo for publicists class. the first one was really good. all we did for three hours is listen to stories of this guy and crazy shit he´s done to take photos, like run along the subway tracks, pose as a fireman, and so on. The second class was shitty. I mean, this guy must be the only person in Argentina that starts shit on time, cos i got there 5 minutes late (that is 10 minutes early in argentina) and class had begun. it was another 25 minutes till the rest of the class came in.

And as for the third class, tonite at 6, well, lets just say i´ve got to buy a new alarm clock.

Tmrw , i have my spanish class, and i´m going to visit a class on comparative politics. should be boring, but i need to take something like that.

Oh, so here´s my rain story:

I went to a kick ass jazz club on friday night. I went solo, to try to meet some argentines. anyway, after the show was done, i had about 2 pesos to my name, and enough for the bus. And there was hurricane pablo kicking around outside. so i figured i´d run the 5 or 6 blocks to the bus stop. well, i run from awning to awning, getting pretty wet, and i´m just a block or two from the stop, when i cross the street and a car turns right and comes at me. i have to sprint to get out of its way, but in the process slip and fall into a huge puddle. I mean, there wasnt a bit of dry on me.

So...I just walked home leisurely. I mean, what was the rain going to do that the puddle didnt? In other words, as my friend Harold said, I beat the rain. I showed it it couldnt fuck with me. It was actually really really fun. i suggest it.

hope all is going well with you. chau


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